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Innovation helps us obtain more accurate, comprehensive answers and it helps us to identify deeper emotional truths. This has led us to ask ourselves which technologies, when fused with human intelligence and good quality classical research add extra layers of quality, agility and value to the data.

We are leading the way as the first agency in Europe to validate AI voice emotion analysis in real-time. Fusing human intelligence with cutting edge technology to provide deeper and more impactful insights to a project.

Through our AI voice emotion analysis and SWARM AI technology, we are capable of understanding the person behind the voice and bring to the surface aspects of the respondents experience which they may struggle to put into words.

As we know voice interactions are the most intuitive, natural and efficient way for us to communicate. With speech, it’s not just about what a person says, it’s how they say it and through our AI voice emotion technology we can measure and analyse vocal reactions in someone’s voice. Giving our clients extra layers of confidence and insight to our high-quality research.

SWARM AI technology combines the power if AI with the depth of real-time customer feedback. Allowing more accurate and actionable insights than traditional methods in a fraction of the timeframe.

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