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Blueprint leads the way in PMR with 1pm Friday finish

28 September 2021

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Featured Image - Blueprint leads the way in PMR with 1pm Friday finish

We’re leading the way in the primary healthcare market research industry by setting a 1pm Friday finish time! The move to the 1pm finish and a compressed hour approach has been motivated by a drive to always place our team wellbeing at the centre of our activities.

Before making the decision to finish at 1pm on a Friday, our senior leadership team canvassed feedback from our team and flexible working was highlighted as a desirable benefit. Whilst we already offer a reasonable amount of flexible working to our team, we wanted to take it a step further and offer something even better – to benefit both our employees and clients too.

Enabling our employees to have an extended weekend is expected to generate a more refreshed feeling for the team at the start of the week, which in turn will benefit our clients as well. Making sure you have a break is scientifically proven to boost both productivity, creativity, morale, job satisfaction, and importantly, service provided to the end customer.

Our Commercial Director, Carolyn Chamberlain, commented

“We are ecstatic to let everyone know that every member of our team can now finish at 1pm on a Friday! Our team’s wellbeing is extremely important to us and now it means our valued team can spend more time with their family and friends, enjoy their hobbies or wind down for the weekend. Everyone can return on a Monday fully refreshed, ready to fire on all cylinders and go the extra mile for our brilliant clients!”

Alongside a 1pm Friday finish, employees can also flex their start/end time outside of core hours and take flexible lunch/coffee breaks throughout the day, provided work commitments are accommodated. The team are also encouraged to flex and work reduced hours wherever possible to help offset busy periods when additional hours need to be worked.

Due to a period of significant growth, we’re currently recruiting from junior to senior positions. If you are looking for a new role and would like to benefit from a 1pm Friday finish, a healthcare package, career development, coaching and mentoring plans, plus working on cutting edge AI technologies alongside classical insight and a fantastic team culture!