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Case Study

Ensuring disease and product message platforms are clearly understood and ‘move’/motivate your target customers

Message Testing

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Primary methodology

Qualitative interviews, revealing the meaning conveyed by each message / communication. We employ sentiment or linguistic analysis or voice emotion analysis where these are likely to add value


Typically around 2-3 months

Key project personnel

Our Directors Lisa Heideman, Sam Hope and Mike Pepp all have expertise in assessing the clarity of communications in complex therapeutic areas

Ways of Working

We work partner with your team – so we can walk in your shoes - learning in detail what your message platforms need to commercially achieve, and what the individual messages are meant to convey. We provide ongoing feedback to ensure ‘action on the go’ and due to senior team conducting the interviews we will recommend changes and action any refinements from the brand team to ensure max return from the research

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Key ‘touchpoints’

  1. We understand the challenges you face, what your platform needs to convey, and the implications of each message
  2. We devise an augmented qualitative approach and establish key performance metrics
  3. Commercially minded, responsive moderation that deeply reflects the team’s needs, and that is flexible to changes in emphasis from the team
  4. Detailed feedback on early interviews to guide any required changes to messages
  5. A final presentation of insights indicating how each message is understood, its role within the intended communication and opportunities to make the messaging more clear or compelling. Clear metrics showing how the message platform performs, including normative benchmarking data of over 80k previous results provides you with confidence/context in your campaign

Giving confidence in our clients scientific story - flexibly and cost effectively

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We were asked to ensure the MOA video and core scientific story for our client is appropriate ahead of ESMO 2020 – providing sufficient time for the team to implement any required changes. A two phase study was commissioned.

Business challenge for our client

Our client wants to ensure its communications clearly convey the benefits of the asset while differentiating it from competitors. A key need was to cut through the ‘noise’ and create excitement around a new mechanism, driving willingness to learn more about the agent, and interest to participate in its clinical trial program.

Commercial output

  • Our client obtained sufficient insight from the first 25 interviews and our initial report to allow it to implement the required changes
  • The research concluded a month ahead of schedule
  • Under half the original cost was incurred

High quality, timely feedback for the team

  • All interviews across the US and EU were conducted by our Oncology team leads Mike Pepp and Lindsay Widger– with their oncology expertise squeezing maximum insight from each respondent
  • All interviews were accessible to our client and the brand and scientific teams heard first hand how the story and video were received – and the challenges faced
  • A concise but detailed initial report provided clear guidance on the elements that already work well and opportunities to improve