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How can insight generation be more agile

16 November 2022

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We know brand teams are under immense time pressure ahead of launch and can feel like workstreams are waiting in suspense for insight programs to deliver.

We believe agility is a mindset, and that online communities can be an effective gateway to enable insights to build and evolve in real time taking everyone on a journey of learning. This provides true agility while still providing the confident depth and credibility that is expected to make crucial strategic decisions ahead of launch.

How and when should you consider agile online communities?


Agile communities can be used to develop and iterate insights, which can be particularly beneficial when developing comms materials (positioning, messages, concepts, and e-detailers). It helps the materials evolve with lots of little iterations rather than just three big steps (qual, qual, quant). This can provide huge levels of confidence and support for making those critical decisions.

Connecting insights

Agile communities can also be hugely valuable to connect a larger research program together. Through having a consistent group of respondents follow your brand journey, providing insights along the way to guide and support all ‘in-between’ decisions along the product journey. This can significantly improve both efficiency and impact of your business insight activities to increase confidence for both you and the wider team of stakeholders.

In essence, online communities can be the gateway for being truly agile while maintaining the integrity and quality that Blueprint Partnership is known for.

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Case study: Concept iteration and development (timeframe four months)

What we did

Our client needed to develop a branded campaign to evolve their messaging, in order to match the market momentum, the campaign needed to be ready to roll out by early 2023. Therefore, the marketing teams needed to create a winning campaign within a four-month timeframe. This required agility, and robust research to enable quick and confident decisions.

See how we did it

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