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As true strategic thinkers, we are driven to make a difference with powerful insight and expert driven analysis.

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Our success is based on our research excellence to shape and inform effective and efficient decision making, whilst creating lasting relationships.

With over 15 years’ experience, we are one of the UK’s leading independent pharmaceutical research agencies, who have worked with some of the biggest global and most respected healthcare companies. At Blueprint we specialise in complex pre-launch decisions which need robust evidence and depth of insight, maximising impact and reach.

Our desire is to continually evolve, we use our ingenuity to get ahead, solving challenges through impactful and tangible decision making. We are leading from the front with our innovative Augmented approach fusing good quality classical research with validated AI technologies, delivering rich layers of insight to each and every project.

We are your deep thinkers, truth seekers.


At Blueprint, we are built on principle and integrity, driven from years of development and growth, making us a leader in our field. Based in the UK, but working all over the globe, we are specialists in complex multinational qualitative and quantitative research projects.

We are characterised by curiosity, a trait that helps us find solutions to the most complex of challenges. As the world continues to evolve, so do we – from the very beginning we have the future in mind and we use this to inspire every part of our research, which ultimately helps you to make the right key strategic decisions.

Our approach is simple, we’re a proactive business who strives to be the best we can be, for our people, our clients and those around us. Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about what they do, enabling us to offer you a truly bespoke service to suit your requirements.

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“Overall great work! Particularly, I would like to highlight the level of insight from the analysis and interpretation, the report was top level.”

- A valued client

Where we shine

Typical projects where we shine are:

Patient Journey Mapping and Buying Process
Early Opportunity Assessment
Positioning and Comms

We pride ourselves on our commitment to understand your needs, working together to deliver value-enhancing solutions. We are specialists in complex pre-launch decisions which require robust evidence or depth of insight.

Our highly adaptive and responsive approach ensures we deliver insights that work for you, which have long-term strategic impact for your business. Our Directors are our researchers, who are at the forefront of every project we manage. Throughout the lifespan of your project you will receive Director level involvement, along with guidance, expertise and commercial recommendations.

If you also bring in our augmented approach and academic thinking, we provide an extra layer of confidence and insight into your decision making.

As pre-launch specialists, we will work with you as a partner, helping to refine your global marketing strategy and focus on everything from pre-launch through to the development of the launch phase.


At Blueprint, we’re different in many ways to our competitors. As an independently owned business we’re not driven by the financials, we’re driven by success.

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Unlike many of our competitors, we have a high level of clinical, scientific and commercial understanding, which is why we are happy to conduct research for more clinically complex and specialist indication areas, alongside our more general, primary care indications.

  • Rare diseases
  • Respiratory
  • Haematology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Immunology
  • Neuroscience
  • Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Nephropathy
  • Women’s health