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Pioneers in Voice Emotion Technology

11 November 2022

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Blueprint Partnership has been driving the application of AI voice emotion technology from the start.

Voice emotion technology is transforming qualitative research.

In everyday conversation, we can hide or reveal our emotions, choosing our words carefully to meet the expectations of those around us and ‘manage’ what we reveal and how we are perceived.

Voice emotion technology gives us the opportunity to get behind these niceties – revealing when people are angry, happy, sad, anxious or have a strong reaction (indicating for example, enthusiasm or rejection).

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Did you know?

  • We are the first agency in Europe to validate AI Voice Emotion Technology in Real-time – bringing extra layers of rich insight and confidence.
  • We pioneer voice emotion for maximum qualitative emotional insight.
  • Our in-house expertise and best practice guides ensure voice emotion genuinely adds value, and is never a gimmick.
  • Our ongoing dialogue with Phebi ensures we remain at the forefront as the technology evolves.
  • We have 2.5 years of working with voice AI across 20 global projects.
  • We know how to apply voice AI, analyse, and interpret the data to deliver greater depths of insight for our clients.

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Reach out to our Commercial Director, Carolyn Chamberlain C.Chamberlain@blueprintpartnership.com, or our Research Director, Mike Pepp m.pepp@blueprintpartnership.com to learn more about our AI Voice Emotion experience.