Pre-launch research is our speciality

14 June 2021

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Featured Image - Pre-launch research is our speciality

The Blueprint Partnership Way

A true strategic partner providing tangible deliverables that actually impact brand success

Bringing blockbuster drugs that address significant medical needs to market is still considered the hallmark of productive, innovative R&D. In 2018, 56% of all prescription drug sales of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies came from blockbusters. This trend is set to continue, with forecasts predicting ~10% of total drug sales in 2024 will be from the top 10 ‘mega blockbusters’, which have peak-year sales greater than US$5 billion. However, let’s take stock and not forget the time, clinical and marketing effort and $$ bringing a successful brand to market; with only 1 in every 10 brand actually achieving their sales forecast and only 1 in every 10 asset actually making it to market!

We truly recognise the mounting pressures involved in new drug launches

The importance of getting it ‘right’ first time and the potential difficulty recovering from a slow start fortifies the critical importance of understanding and listening to your customers and generating a value proposition that speaks to their multi-faceted needs (personal, clinical and emotional).

We understand the issues you face

Whether you are seeking a differentiated space for your brand and looking to identify the true commercial VALUE it can bring (despite clinically being only moderately differentiated) or are looking to pressure test your product with superior data (despite the glowing feedback in PMR, you want to be prepared and fully explore any potential barriers), moving beyond stated response and delving beneath the skin of customers generates differentiating and compelling communications.

Blueprint Partnership – An expert strategic partner

  • Pre-launch research is our specialty: from the early highly strategic PMR right through to communication development and performance tracking.
  • Proven track record of impacting sales – we produce tangible deliverables that actually impact brand success.
  • 45% of our work* (2018-2019) involved partnering with brands teams gearing up for launch. The majority of this involves supporting brands through a series of MR projects; layering insights at each step to ensure a brand that speaks to its customers habitual needs is built.

Revealing customer truths to elevate your launch success

We fuse together strong customer understanding skills, strong strategic market understanding, tech and commercial skills.

As specialists who understand the distinctive challenges and workings of the world of pharma, we know what it takes to develop innovative augmented thinking that works. We also know how to translate this into action plans that will make a sustainable difference to your brand both now and in the future.

We are experts at digging deeper, uncovering hidden truths. We have a broad toolbox of robust and credible research tools and innovative AI driven techniques, including our augmented approach that will help you to uncover the customer truth using emotion from voice technology, enabling you to develop communications that form authentic connections and drive maximum interest for your brand.