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Unlike many of our competitors, we have a high level of clinical, scientific and commercial understanding, which is why we are happy to conduct research for more clinically complex and specialist indication areas, alongside our more general, primary care indications.

Our body maps below highlight many of those specific clinical areas:

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Launching any new rare diseases product can be challenging and several different strategies will need to be executed efficiently and sensitively to ensure overall success.

Our proven track record is our greatest strength, we can adapt our broad skill set and experience to meet the needs of the project, allowing us to develop deeper, richer insights which help to guide effective strategic decision making.

Through a blend of classical and novel research techniques we can ensure we target the right patients, with sensitivity and care needed to ensure the project is a success.

Examples of our recent rare diseases work include:

  • Enteric Hyperoxaluria
  • SAH Acute sensorineural hearing loss
  • aHUS
  • B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
  • Carcinoid Syndrome
  • Congenital Factor XIII deficiency
  • Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Fabry disease
  • Follicular lymphoma
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Gaucher Disease


Generic competition and increasing pricing pressure have all contributed to shrinking opportunities within respiratory products, however, our wealth of knowledge in this particular field, means we can help you to successfully launch or reposition your brand at the heart of the marketplace.

Our recent projects include:

  • Patient pathway
  • Market understanding
  • Pricing
  • Positioning and Communication engagements


We have a substantial number of haematology projects under our belts, as well as having a team of rare disease specialists, we are your first-choice strategic partner when it comes to delivering high quality haemophilia insights.

Examples of our recent project include:

  • Providing detailed guidance about the uptake of new therapy classes in haemophilia
  • Helping a company to identify the patient segments to reach out to with its haemophilia products
  • Analysing patient – physician discussions around treatment change to understand key triggers and motivations


Cardiology is a complex therapy area, involving a wide range of indications, each with their own set of unique challenges. Our comprehensive knowledge of these challenges will bring added value, clear insights and recommendations to help you make informed and efficient decisions.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Early opportunity and unmet needs exploration
  • Market forecasting (with conjoint methodology) in HF, SPAF and Stroke
  • Patient positioning and profiling in HF
  • Opportunity assessment in HF
  • Strategic positioning development in complex CV patients
  • Drivers and barriers understanding


We love a challenge, and we know that immunology is a saturated marketplace, requiring strategic thinking and strategy development. Continued advances in immunology are undoubtably good news for patients, however, this poses challenges for pharmaceutical companies, who are operating in crowded marketplaces.

At Blueprint we have an experienced team of immunology experts, who understand this ever-changing marketplace, ensuring we deliver deeper and more impactful insights to a project.

Recent projects include:

  • Conjoint study to assess the impact of different trial outcomes and competitive scenarios in Rheumatoid Arthritis


At Blueprint we have extensive expertise in neuroscience projects, across many different fields such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder, Myasthenia Gravis and Huntington’s Disease. Our knowledge and experience ensures we deliver extra layers of confidence and insight to our high-quality research.

Recent projects have included:

  • Patient journey and TPP assessment in Myasthenia Gravis
  • Clinical trial scenario testing in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Lexicon research in Huntington’s Disease
  • Patient chart audit in NMOSD


We understand oncology and as one of the most dynamic therapy areas in Healthcare, we partner with consultants to ensure we know your therapeutic area intimately – helping us to fully understand the brand implications for all the products involved.

Recent project examples include:

  • H&NC, NSCLC, Colorectal cancer, Breast cancer
  • Product label assessment in biliary tract cancer
  • Market landscape research in cervical cancer, NSCLC and BTC
  • Patient experience with different route of administrations in late stage mBC, PDAC, CRC and NSCLC
  • Future treatment delivery optimisation and horizon scanning for PDAC, CRC and NSCLC
  • Asset positioning and message development in mBC
  • Biosimilar market forecasting in mBC, CRC, and NSCLC
  • Assessing the role of nurses and their impact on treatment in advanced cancer
  • Assessing the clinical trial endpoints that will be required to drive future adoption of a new product to be used in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor in NSCLC


Our experience in this area covers a wide range of stakeholders, including patient advocacy groups, at risk communities and direct and indirect healthcare professionals. Due to the highly emotionally charged environments, we have also utilised our voice emotion platform for deeper emotional insights in this field.

At Blueprint we have conducted research across key infectious diseases to access both the social and strategic implications for disease awareness campaigns to support effective behavioural change programmes.

Recent projects include:

  • Market landscape assessment and consolidation of unmet needs and perceptions in Hepatitis C
  • Qualitative exploration and development of disease awareness campaigns in Hepatitis C


Diabetes is a key area of excellence for Blueprint, as we have partnered with most of the key market leaders for both type one and type two diabetes. In addition to this, we have also supported our clients on the addition of newer indications and their implications for more complex, and collaborative patient care.

Our extensive experience ranges from early asset opportunity development through to segmentation and communication development. We have a wealth of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Most recent projects have focussed on:

  • Multiple indications and the future positioning in this more complex future market


Chronic kidney disease has often been referred to the silent killer, and is often under prioritised (both in treatment, and in clinical trials) in favour of managing patients more imminent Cardiovascular risk.

At Blueprint we have closely followed the Chronic Kidney Disease market from EU, to US and Asia and we have witnessed the changing perceptions and recognition of Chronic Kidney Disease amongst key stakeholders. We have supported many assets in their launch of pursuit of this indication.

Our recent projects include:

  • Product positioning and message development in CKD
  • Physician segmentation in CKD
  • Early opportunity assessment in CKD
  • Global market forecasting (conjoint)
  • Deep dive into the role and unmet needs in the management of CKD among Cardiologists


At Blueprint, we have a long history of working within women’s health. Whether that is from IUD’s through to IVF support, we have worked across a whole range of differing projects.

Our recent projects include:

  • Exploring the opportunity for new supportive care in IVF and a qualitative market landscape exploration which sought to provide a deep dive into the experience of women who undertake the IVF process.